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The fact that you're reading this article only means that you fancy jewelry. It's easy to bet that you already have a nice collection; but then again, that doesn't stop you from getting intrigued with other jewelry that you still don't own. And when it comes to intrigue, nothing is more definite than a piece of roman jewelry. Admit it, you're interested too, but you aren't sure what you're getting from it. Anyway, it's fitting that you first learn its history. 


As the term suggests, this type of jewelry came from the mighty Roman Empire. The empire during its heydays enriched itself with valuable, rare, and very precious resources, allowing it to produce the most intricate and expensive jewelry man has seen. Thanks to highly established trade routes as well as communication with many different cultures, the Romans had the convenience of obtaining any precious gemstones to incorporate in their jewelry designs. Those designs have been passed on from generations, thereby effectively preserving them even today. You can get modern versions of the ancient pieces at


Because of the empire's massive wealth, they were capable of producing some of the most beautiful jewelries with the help of access to precious as well as semi-precious stones coming from different regions and locations within the Roman Empire's reach. The result would turn out to become a legacy in the entire jewelry industry, with roman jewelry closely associated with large and colorful pieces made from the likes of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. But not only that - roman jewelry is also know for integrating a wide range of semi-precious gemstones like amber, garnet, topaz, jet, and of course, pearls.


One of the most popular jewelry pieces during the Roman times was the roman glass ring. They were originally worn by both civilians of high stature and soldiers. Based on discovered relics in England, the Romans were fond of using bitumen and resin as adhesives, although both materials are no longer used today because they easily fail. You can get more durable alternatives instead at


Anyhow, the fact remains that Roman Empire-inspired jewelry still exist today and they are very much in demand, especially from people who know their jewelry stuff. In the past, jewelry, more particularly rings, were worn for a wide range of reasons. Romans used it primarily for showcasing status, while others are for decoration. Engraving was also a trend, with some of the most famous people in the empire having the privilege to get a unique engraving for the jewelry they wore. 


So, if you're thinking about adding some new things in your collection, roman jewelry is definitely something you must consider buying. If you plan to buy jewelry online, watch this video: